Borderline Biennale @ Abode Of Chaos

"Survive the Apocalypse"

photography by Kurt Ehrmann

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week end 1 – Japan Apocalypse

Performance: 原点回帰 by: COCO Katsura (JP) + The Naked Cellist (NL)

performance: The fall of a chatedral by: Materia Prima

Performance: Yami no mai part I by: Satomi
performance: Apocalypse of animals by: Johanna Constantine
Week end 2 – Hacking/T.A.Z/Utopies Pirates
performance by: in proxima altera
performance: CATACLYSME part I by: Materia Prima
performance: CATACLISME  part II by: Materia Prima
preformance: Cyberesthesie by: Yann Minh
performance by: satomi

week end 3 – Obsolete Body / Body Hacktivism


Written by Borderline Biennale

August 27, 2011 at 6:48 pm

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