Borderline Biennale @ Abode Of Chaos

"Survive the Apocalypse"

AMF – Borderline Biennale Les Cavaliers de l’apocalypse / Vanitas Week End 4 : Ve/Fri 9 septembre/september 2011 -> Dim/Sun 11 septembre/september 2011

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Pure Kaos again Total Control

I will not watch silently as the last remains of human
intelligence are buried in a cultural wasteland,  

I will not eat up your lies or consume your persuasions,  

I will not stand still in a media jungle of non-information, 

I will not surrender to a mass media invented reality, 

I will not obey a limited freedom of speech. your so called
liberties are a spit in the face, 

I will take my birth given right of Self-expression by force,
implying the weapons of my mouth,
my hands,
my body-

I will infect the world with the reflections of my mind!
Every written word, every spoken thought,
every drawn image,
every scar on m body is
A ritual against disintegration of mind
A ritual against human devolution
A ritual as purest form of resistence

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