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Obsolete Body / Body Hacktivism: Exilentia Exiff

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Obsolete Body / Body Hacktivism

Week End 3 : Ve/Fri 2 setpembre/September 2011 –> Dim/Sun 4 septembre/September 2011

Exposition Video Exhibition: Artiste invité / Guest Artist: Exilentia Exiff

BORDERLINE BIENNALE 2011 | Exilentia Exiff | Teaser 002 from La Demeure du Chaos on Vimeo.

“Exilentia Exiff is abnormal and that means, that she tries not to follow the conventional social rules and norms. She just examines some of them in historical and cultural context. Norms change in some societies sometimes very rapidly and sometimes very slowly and what may be seen as normal in one culture, may be seen as abnormal in another. Exilentia is fascinated by norms connected with gender and age. Why a young female naked body is acceptable and a picture of an old woman in a sexual pose violates the standards of society? Why does such a picture cause social discomfort?
What is a human being nowadays? What is self-dignity?”
Abnormals Gallery


Written by Borderline Biennale

July 11, 2011 at 3:41 pm

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